Why An Art Access Print Ad?

Art Access is a not just a marketing tool for Northwest art scene, it is a tradition. For over 30 years, Art Access has stood by the Northwest galleries and artists through thick and thin. It is a name you can trust to market your company and your career.
What began as a local Seattle publication now has distribution throughout the Northwest from as far North as Bellingham and as far south as Portland, Oregon.
Art Access is distributed at the finest locations:
  • Concierge desks
  • Luxury hotels
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Fine restaurants
  • Coffee houses
  • Art supply stores
  • Frame shops
  • Bookstores
  • Libraries
  • Chamber of Commerces
In 1995, Art Access launched its online website. The website now features all the articles, listing, and other content of the magazine as well as video content and search tools.
In 2012, Art Access launched E-Magazine, a digital copy of the publication that can be downloaded for reading on the go on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In addition to the E-Magazine, Art Access launched a Facebook Page to further expand and support the local art community.
Art Access provides the most comprehensive guide for monthly art shows and events.
It is the magazine of choice for many the many hotel concierges. Frequently tours, art auctions organizers, and convention planners ask for copies of the magazine to put into their guest packets.
Art Access works closely with distribution sites to make sure Art Access is the publication that is most frequently picked up and used.

Art Access began as a print publication and it continues as a print publication. Every other month 11,000 print copies are distributed to concierges, luxury hotels, collectors, and premium galleries. If you are interested in advertising your exhibition in the Art Access print publication click here.


Exhibition / Event Listings (Get your listing)

$39 for a 60 Word Exhibition Listing / $78 for a 120 word listing / $117 for a 180 word listing
Rules: Each exhibition description must be 60 words or less. 180 words maximum total. Please note: In order to preserve the integrity of the publication, each new exhibition is required to have its own listing.

Exhibition Images (Get your images)

$95 Per Artwork Image
Rules: Maximum 4 Artwork Images Per Publication. Artwork image requirements: 400 dots per inch, 3 inches max either horizontal and/or vertical, CMYK color.

Premium Print Ads (Get your premium print ad)

 Type  Size (if ad bleeds add .25 inch bleed to all four sides) 
 Color Logo Ad 2.125" Height x 2.125" Width  $262.50
 Color Fourth Page Vertical 4.5" Height x 2.125" Width   $458.85
 Color Fourth Page Horizontal 2.125" Height x 4.5" Width  $458.85
 Color Third Page 3.6" Height x 5.25" Width  $560.50
 Color Half Page 5.375" Height x 5.25" Width
 Color Full Page 10.75" Height x 5.25" Width  $1335.75
 Color Inside Front Cover Full Page 10.75" Height x 5.25" Width  $1565.25
 Color Inside Front Cover Half Page 5.375" Height x 5.25" Width
 Color Back Cover Full Page 10.75" Height x 5.25" Width  $1685.75
 Color Inside Back Cover Half Page 5.375" Height x 5.25" Width  $805.75
 Color Front Cover (subject to approval) 7" Height x 4.75" Width  $1975.75
 Black & White Third Page 3.6" Height x 5.25" Width  $262.50
 Black & White Fourth Page Vertical 4.5" Height x 2.125" Width  $195.75
 Black & White Page Horizontal 2.125" Height x 4.5" Width  $195.75
 Black & White Logo Ad 2.125" Height x 2.125" Width  $94.50

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