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Tuesday, January 03, 2023 9:59 PM | Debbi Lester (Administrator)

Cue the David Bowie song one more time: “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!” 

The much-loved Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island is no longer with us, or at least not in the form we’re used to. Owners Andrea Roby-King and Wes King, who established the gallery in 1990, have turned over the keys to a new owner, and have turned the page on this chapter of their lives. 

Wes and Andrea have time now to reflect back on earlier chapters, like the day they met at the University of Illinois circa 1972, and how that day blossomed into a lasting partnership in love, in art-making, and in business. Or they’ll look back on that chapter with the plot-twist, where they moved to Seattle, created a pottery line, and began selling their wares up and down the West Coast. And then found an island to move to. Or was that a whole separate book? Can’t remember. 

What we are sure to remember is Wes and Andrea’s warm and wise presence on the scene, the excellence of the artists they represented and nurtured, and their gracious ways with their customers. They engaged with the broader community, supported worthwhile causes. You wanted to be at Roby King on a First Friday Art Walk, with Wes and Andrea scurrying about in their convivial element. You’d chat with the artists, talk with random friends and neighbors taking in the new work; you’d sit beside a stranger on the big red couch by the window and learn their opinions about art, and on other matters great and small. 

The gallery space itself is now guided by Jude Grenney, an experienced gallerist based in Park City, Utah. She owns the JGO Gallery there, and now she owns the JGO Galleries on Bainbridge Island too. It’s been a graceful, well-planned you’ll find some continuity—same as with any new chapter. 

Grenney has some stories of her own, of course. The more recent ones involve working in Park City galleries during the ‘90s, and opening a gallery of her own in 2002. The gallery moved to a larger setting in 2018, an event space with wine-tastings, parties, and live music. Live music is one of Grenney’s passions, along with skiing. Good thing the Puget Sound region has a lot to offer in those regards.  

January is the time for welcoming in the new. Come say hello to Jude and her team on First Friday, and help get a new chapter off to a great start.

Tom McDonald

Tom McDonald is a writer and musician living on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

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